How Candles Can Help Your Business

If you have been looking for a product line that could change your business, then consider selling candles. There are several benefits to selling candles, including:

  • They are inexpensive;
  • They do not take up a lot of shelf space;
  • They do not have to be rotated out of stock due to a freshness date;
  • They can add some color and aroma to your store.

It may seem like a unique idea to add candles to a company’s product line, regardless as to what that company sells, but it is actually an idea that is catching on all over the retail world. Why should you sell candles? Because there a lot of ways that candles can make your business a regular destination for a large group of repeat customers.

Candles Are Popular Gifts

It used to be that people would grab a candle as a gift because candles were convenient. But these days, candles are becoming preferred gifts in situations such as:

  • Holidays;
  • Housewarmings;
  • Birthdays;
  • Retirements;
  • Anniversaries.

Candle makers are developing more customized candle holders and designs that are making candles extremely popular. When you give a candle as a gift, the response is very positive and very warm.

Candles Make Your Shop More Fun

Scented soy wax candles add color and aroma to your shop that people will remember. The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses when it comes to people making an association with a time or place. When people start associating your shop with the pleasant aroma of scented soy candles, then you are instantly creating a positive experience that is lodged deep in your customers’ minds.

The swirling colors offered by scented soy wax candles create an instant visual impression that customers will not forget.

A wash of color as your customers enter your shop will:

  • Make the overall shopping experience more pleasant;
  • Appeal to people of all ages;
  • Instantly draw more foot traffic from outside;
  • Customers Will Start Requesting Candles.

When you start offering candles as products, customers will start giving you the golden “Can you get” questions that mean repeat business. By partnering with your candle supplier, you can let customers know that you can get customized candle designs for just about any occasion. That type of versatility is going to create more repeat customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Candles Often Sell In Bulk

The idea of giving candles as gifts also applies to situations such as:

  • “Thank you” gifts for groups of people;
  • Bridal party gifts;
  • Appreciation gifts for customers.

When you start offering candles to your customers, your customers will start using their imaginations to develop ways to use candles that mean bulk sales for your business. You can help increase bulk sales by posting a bulk pricing policy in a place where everyone can see it. When your customers see that they can save more money by buying more candles, then your candle sales will go up.

Creates The Look Of Versatility

If you own a sporting goods shop and you start selling candles, it will give your customers a feeling that you have a versatile business.

While you may not have any intentions on expanding your product lines any further, you will still increase your foot traffic because customers will start to think that your shop carries a much wider variety of products.

Candles in the display window of your shop will get attention and bring in more foot traffic. A diverse display of candle products will increase sales and boost your revenues.

If you are looking for a product line that is easy to handle but will help you to generate more profit, then look no further than candles made by a quality manufacturer.

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