Why Choose Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax is an extract from soybean oil which was actually discovered by college students in 1996 at Pardue University after being given a task of creating a candle utilizing a renewable resource. Until this discovery, Paraffin wax was the only option available which is made from petroleum.

Environmentally Friendly

Obviously the soy wax candle is the preferred choice for environmental reasons as they provide a petro soot ‘free’ burn (up to 90% less soot). Paraffin contains petro, a gasoline product which is not a renewable resource.

That being said, 95% of candles manufactured today use Paraffin as it is a far less expansive option. If you want the high quality, eco friendly soy wax candle, you’ll need to outsource them from online boutiques and high end retailers.

Soy Wax Burns Longer

It’s true that soy wax candles usually are a little more expensive than other candles, but they do provide a longer, cleaner and slower burn. When taking this into account, the more expensive soy candle actually isn’t more expensive at all. The advantages far out way choosing the cheaper Paraffin candle.

Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature due to the fact that soy wax melts at a lower temperature than Paraffin. Lasting up to 50% longer than a Paraffin candle, one of the huge benefits of soy wax is that is is 100% natural and renewable.

The ‘cleaner burn’ is referring to the fact that soy candles are toxin, carcinogens and pollutant free making these candles less likely to effect allergies.

Soy wax candle benefits include:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Clean Burns

Why Choose a Soy Wax Candle

As you can see there are many reason to choose soy candles and as to why they have become a very popular choice. The responsibility of looking after the environment lies with us, and making the simple choice of choosing soy wax candles over paraffin candles is a great start.

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