Tips Being a Candle Party Consultant

Home sales is becoming big business all over the world and there are a lot of people who are taking up selling candles for a living.

Some of the reasons that home sales businesses are becoming so popular are:

  • Sales professionals can make their own hours;
  • Sales professionals can be their own bosses;
  • Home sales can be lucrative if the sales professional develops a strong enough network of customers.

Candle party consultants have the unique opportunity to sell products that are not only extremely popular, but can also be sold repeatedly to the same customers. With the right sales techniques, a candle party consultant can make a very lucrative living.

Setting The Mood

Candles are all about setting the right mood and you need to learn how to set the right mood at each party in order to find success. Setting the mood means:

  • Setting aside an area to display active product that is safe, but accessible;
  • Using candlelight as the primary form of light in the product display area;
  • Lighting scented candles that are pleasant to the general public.

The two main attractions for candles are candlelight and the aroma of a scented candle. To get people in the buying mood at your candle parties, set aside an area to light some candles that is safe.

Use some lightly scented candles that will do just enough to add atmosphere, but not so much that they will repel prospective clients. When you set the right mood, you will dramatically increase your candle sales.

Remember That It Is A Business

One of the difficult parts for people who are new to home sales is remembering that they are there to sell products and generate profit. Home sales is unique in that the sales professional relies on establishing strong personal relationships to help enhance their professional goals.

As you display your candles and talk to prospective customers, always remember that you are running a business and sales are what matter the most.

Always Add New Product

As you get rolling on your candle party business, you will start to see the same people at your parties. This is good because you want repeat customers, but you can easily lose this potential stream of reliable revenue if you have nothing new to offer at each event.

With candles, the opportunity to offer new products tends to be easier than many other home sales products. You could do something as simple as using different products as display models at each party to set different moods and make each party feel unique. But it is very important to always add new products to your offerings if you want to keep your repeat customers coming back.

Make It Fun

One of the advantages of home sales parties is that the sales professional can create an environment where people have fun and spend their money. Always remember that you are throwing a party and it should feel like one.

If you can afford to give away door prizes, then you should do so because that kind of thing attracts more people to future parties.

While you do want to keep your eye on the fact that it is a business, you also have to cater to your customers.

When it comes to candle party sales, your customers want a party and you have to deliver one if you want to make sales. The better the party, the easier it will be to convince repeat customers to keep coming back to buy more.

Home sales, also known as direct sales, give people the opportunity to build a successful business selling the products they love. Candle party consultants have several unique opportunities that they can use at every party to help increase sales and grow their businesses.

All it takes is a little creativity for a candle party consultant to turn their passion for candles into a lifelong business.

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